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Traphound specializes in creative problem solving and OpenSource technologies. Whether it’s about improving site navigation and visual quality or gathering and analyzing large amounts of information, Traphound has the power to seize new opportunities even with tight schedules and budgets.

Traphound has improved a market leading construction company’s way of calculating and monitoring factory information along with multiple unique web applications for various purposes.


Application development is what we love to do. From a simple website to a complex mobile application, we are the professionals you need to get it done. We are experts in multiple OpenSource technologies and agile software development.


Typically we also host the applications we implement. The server infrastructure largely depends on the scale of the project and we will design all of it for you.


We are familiar with some of the most popular mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. Though more and more functionalities of traditional mobile apps can be implemented using modern web technologies like HTML5, there is still need for native mobile apps.


At Traphound the product development process is managed using agile software development methods to ensure a smooth workflow throughout the whole project.

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